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Welcome to Bright Technologies

If you are looking for an IT company that specializes in helping management to significantly increase efficiency and competitiveness, you will be interested in our experience. We advise top management about IT solutions that will do just that.

We are not your typical IT solutions provider. Oh yes, we can solve networking problems, develop software applications, and provide e-commerce solutions. But what makes us different is that we invest in understanding which new IT technologies, strategies, and Best Practices will make serious contributions to improving your business, competitiveness, and bottom line.

For example, if you are looking to make your IT operations more efficient:

We can help your company to understand and implement the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This is a set of broadly accepted concepts and techniques for managing and improving the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure, development, and operations. ITIL can be tailored to any IT organization.

As another example, if you are seeking to reduce IT infrastructure costs:

We can help your company to understand and implement virtualization. This can include making a single physical resource (such as a server, an application, or storage device) appear to function as multiple logical resources; or it can include making multiple physical resources (such as storage devices or servers) appear as a single logical resource.

Or if you are interested in significantly reducing voice communication's costs:

We can guide and assist you in properly implementing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). We do so in a way that maximizes the benefits of VOIP, whereby your company can utilize your existing data network to support phone service that may already be set up between offices. With experienced-based planning, VOIP also allows your employees to get phone calls or access the Internet from anywhere (home, hotel room, or any of your remote offices).

As a last example, if you need to define your IT structure to achieve specific corporate goals:

We can perform a review of your IT resources (including personnel skill mix and IT infrastructure) and provide a strategic IT planning guide to achieve those specific goals in the most cost effective manner.

Overall and simply stated, our services enable companies to best apply technology to advance their businesses. We are not interested in selling hardware or software, but we are interested in providing an independent perspective on which technologies are best for your business and then helping to properly plan for and implement them.

So, give us a call to put a special IT company on your side, one that provides years of IT insight and uncommon IT foresight to put you far ahead of the competition.